Kali even goes so far as to tease her daughter about Sun Wukong more than once. Add photo Add photo RWBY. Bumbleby Blake then helps Ghira in his endeavors to rally the people of Menagerie to head for Mistral and defend Haven from Adam's attack. Following this incident, even though Weiss seems as if she does not care, she does want to find her teammate after saying she was gone for twelve hours. One day Yang takes her to a saloon and they both get Sunflower Pops, which Blake is seen putting the bottle cap from hers in her pocket. New content will be added above the current area of focus upon selection While they are running away from the Apathy in "Alone in the Woods", Blake is surprised when Yang grabs her by the hand as they escape. She is close enough to know about his phobia of water as she tells her teammates during Team SSSN's match in "New Challengers...". I just figured you'd be doing the same thing that you did with Blake. People have began to ship Blake and Yang since the "Black" and "Yellow" character trailers for the two. Wiz: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long. After Ruby proposes they start planning a day to do so, Yang gets excited and turns to Blake saying, “I love it when you’re feisty.”. During the events of "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back" and the present day events in the "Volume 5 Blake Character Short", Ilia displays an unwillingness to use her weapon to harm Blake, actively fleeing from conflict with the latter. When Blake urges her teammates that they should do something about their enemies, Ruby agrees to help. When the battle is done Blake slaps him and demands an explanation. They are still their own characters, they’re just different from who they were before and very likely different from who they’ll be in the future depending on how long RWBY lasts. She and Blake work together to fight Adam once and for all. Throughout the conversation, Blake remains tense and distrusting despite Ozpin's promises. In Chapter 3, everyone receives an outfit change and Blake cuts her hair. Blake's Shadow, RWBY fan art by EmukeiMen's Pullover Hoodie80% cotton 20% polyester.. $50.00. In "Gravity" Blake is concerned for Ruby during her emotional breakdown after Salem implied that she may have been responsible for her mother's disappearance, she then kneels down beside Ruby and helps comfort her. After fighting in "No Brakes", Roman's taunts and persuasions to join the White Fang disgust Blake, so she knocks him out, refusing the offer. In "Haven's Fate", Blake is not intimidated by Adam's taunts of her fears, saying that she has more important things to worry about than him. Yang responds with a somewhat cryptic, "Yeah. Type (?) She is also a waitress in a small Italian restaurant in a bay area city, and she has a side of herself she doesn't like to … Tags: rwby, ruby rose, weiss schnee, blake belladonna, yang xiao long, rwby volume 5, rwby volume 6, rwby volume 7, rwby volume 8, action, new, anime, weapons But after the Battle of Haven, she realizes that her ex-lover was just trying to bring her down to his level. Alrighty then. She had thin lips, and bigger eyes. While still in the White Fang, Blake has some doubts believing Adam for accidentally killing innocent lives during missions. After they successfully kill Adam, Blake breaks down and embraces Yang and tells her that she swears that she will never break her promise to her, to which Yang replies "I know." In Chapter 14, Blake is finally reunited with her team. Yet, Weiss' distrust of the Faunus and hatred of the White Fang, combined with Blake's determination to prove Weiss wrong about them, leads to Blake accidentally revealing that she herself is a Faunus and was once a member of White Fang. When she meets Ilia again in "A Perfect Storm", Blake hesitantly draws her weapon. Yang's outfit from volumes 2-8 has always had a purple bandanna tied above her boot or a purple pop to her outfit. Yang then drives off of the cliff above them, launching herself off of Bumblebee and landing next to Blake as the motorcycle proceeds to run Adam over. Read Adam Taurus vs Blake Bellabooty and Yang Xiao Long part 2 from the story RWBY:Fantasy of lemon. Blake's decision to leave the White Fang was likely influenced by Adam's lack of regard for innocent lives on the train, which is against her care for the innocent, or that Adam's willingness to harm the passengers assisted in opening her eyes to the White Fang's full extremist views, which she opposes. The latter is supported by her mentioning that the White Fang itself is "very misguided" in defense of the Faunus against Weiss' accusations. In Chapter 2, Blake is adamant about finding out what Roman Torchwick is plotting. In Chapter 10, Blake is tasked with shutting down the communications tower to help everyone steal an Atlas airship. Her cries grab Yang’s attention, who then yells at Adam to “Get away from her!” When he doesn’t, she charges at him in a blind rage, tears in her eyes, ultimately getting her arm amputated by Adam and losing consciousness. Blake Belladonna was a first-year student at Beacon Academy. Two days later, Ruby is concerned for Blake, worrying about her not returning all weekend in spite of the doubts concerning her loyalty. Due to the hostility Weiss has for the White Fang and her distrust of the Faunus, she runs into conflict with Blake. During the Beacon Academy Initiation, Blake appears to be following Yang through the forest. Both also seem to work well as a team, keeping Roman in battle long enough. Those who don't ship Bumbleby will also often ship Monochrome, Tauradonna, Ladybug or Freezerburn. My drawings of RWBY are inspired ... Ozpin vs Salem. In "Alone in the Woods", Blake gets on Ruby's bad side when she sides with Yang about leaving the Relic of Knowledge at Brunswick Farms. In "Seeing Red", Blake states that she will always be by Yang's side. She wanted a Yang x Blake piece. During their stakeout, Blake began to warm up to Sun and told him about her past. Femslash Post Season 3 finale, Yang is moaping around the house, Blake comes to convince her to come back to the team but needs some convincing. Blake first encounters Sun Wukong in Vale and is drawn to him. See more ideas about Rwby, Rwby fanart, Rwby bumblebee. Adam is Blake's previous partner from the White Fang. He then proceeded to mock and insult her, causing her to shut down. In "Dead End", Blake is offended by Caroline's racism towards the Faunus. Burning Yang, RWBY fan art by MK EspirituMousepads are available two sizes. When Blake proposes they fight their enemies, Weiss agrees, leaving Blake with a sigh of relief, knowing that her team is with her. In Chapter 4, Yang asks Jaune "Do you think she thinks less of me, for not helping out with Amity? Yang demonstrates again, and Blake insists that she was doing the same thing, causing them both to laugh. Yang then brings her hand to Blake's face and replies "I know you won't." He urges her to come clean on these facts, assuring her that she would be accepted. Blake later helps Yang when a pair of Ursai attacks her. Also, she does not seem to care that Blake is a former member of the White Fang. She tells Blake about her childhood, and how she continues searching for her mother. The perfect Blake Yang BakeYang Animated GIF for your conversation. This infuriates her to the point that she rushes in without thinking and fights him doggedly. In the seventh… Blake’s weapon of choice is called Gambol Shroud, and like Ruby and Qrow’s weapons, it’s actually a type of scythe.… During the fight against the herd of Manticore in "Argus Limited", she believes has a brief hallucination of him after she cuts off the train cars. She also encourages Blake to talk things out with her father in "A Much Needed Talk", adding in a little bit of teasing about her non-talkative nature. In Chapter 6 titled Burning The Candle, after losing Torchwick a second time, Blake dedicates all of her hours trying to investigate him and the White Fang. After a lengthy battle, Blake and Yang finally manage to mortally wound Adam, who tumbles to his death over a waterfall, having been impaled with the broken halves of Gambol Shroud's blade. Yang helps Ruby and Blake become acquainted after a somewhat awkward introduction. Silver Eyes. The two seem to get along well. She sets her irritation with him for following her aside long enough to fight together to save the ship they are on from a Sea Feilong. Status of Relationship Blake is forced to face Adam once again when he attacks her at the communications tower. Character Despite both Blake and Yang's hesitation, the two are reunited, and the entire team RWBY shares a meaningful group hug. They then fight together, and both become a part of team RWBY. It is also the most written ship in the RWBY tag. 1 Plot 2 Characters 3 Ships 3.1 Het 3.2 Slash 3.3 Femslash 3.4 Poly 3.5 Family 4 Fanon 5 Fandom 6 List 7 Videos 8 Navigation Four high school-aged girls—Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long— attend Beacon Academy, where they learn to fight the Grimm, … When all four members of the team are thrust into mortal combat, which one will stand above the rest? I cared about the whole world, because of you. Before Pyrrha's fight against Penny, Blake and Weiss decide they have seen enough fighting and get drinks together instead. Blake appears to have a good relationship to Neptune as seen in "Burning the Candle", where she and Sun are having a laugh with him. In "Downfall", as she reunites with her teammates again, Blake calls out Yang's name first. In "A Much Needed Talk", it is revealed that Blake had parted angrily with her parents due to their decision to leave the White Fang. She is surprised and frustrated that the White Fang work with him. In "Downfall", Blake is surprised to see all of her teammates are at Haven. In "Welcome to Beacon", Ruby is worried when Blake expresses her concern about the White Fang. Meanwhile, Blake is fighting her old partner Adam Taurus, and after overpowering her, Adam says that he'll "destroy everything that she (Blake) loves.” Yang arrives, calling out for Blake, currently unaware of their presence. Ruby looked nothing like Blake did at that age. High quality Rwby Blake gifts and merchandise. As Yang is about to leave, she turns around and winks as she says to Blake, “And if you feel like coming out tomorrow, I’ll save you a dance.” In the end, Blake does go to the dance with Sun Wukong, but shares her first dance with Yang. Originally posted by jacularmetteld. Kali is Blake's mother. Blake seems to find Yang amusing, such as at the abandoned temple when Yang suggests they take the "cute little pony" relic. However, she may just have an aversion to dogs in general, considering her Faunus heritage. Bumbleby is known as the main rivalry ship to BlackSun, another ship with mutual romantic feelings between the two. Vol 7 Yang. Yang then places her hand over Blake’s and says, “We were there for each other.” The two share a meaningful look and Blake's eyes seem to dilate a bit. By: Lewis Stockton. Blake bluntly refuses, wishing to avoid unnecessary attention. Blake desperately tries to fend off Adam's constant attacks but is ultimately kicked on the ground by her old partner, prompting her to call him delusional. Though, when they happen to become partners in Chapter 6, she seems happy to be Blake's partner. Blake compliments Ruby by saying she handled herself well with Ozpin in "Field Trip". After dancing with Yang, just like her partner offered earlier, she shares a dance with Sun, who gets Blake to laugh. She is now ashamed of the things she said then, believing her father and mother were right. In "Dead End", Blake worriedly tells everyone that Oscar is missing. In "Battle of Beacon", Blake is horrified to see Adam again. After the White Fang had adopted a new leader and adopted violence, Blake said she no longer wanted to use her skills to contribute to their violence and decided instead to dedicate her life as a Huntress. Yang mentions on several occasions that she doesn't understand why Blake left, and at some point is doubtful if she will ever come back. Yang and Adam begin fighting, and he taunts her to a point where her PTSD starts to act up. I could listen to you all day.”. Yang helps Ruby and Blake become acquainted after a somewhat awkward introduction. OR . In season 1, episode 19, when Yang is facing off Blake in a pillow fight, Blake teleports and dodges all the pillows. The ship that Blake was on and Yang later rode in Volume 5 was named. When they arrive at Menagerie she accepts his support and encouragement about reuniting with her parents. This is a piece I wrote for my Yang Roleplay Partner in the Skype group I RP as Velvet for. ", to which Jaune says that Ruby is her sister and no matter the disagreements, will always love her. Blake, however, declines and leaves for the library. In "Haven's Fate", Blake smiles as Yang forgives her and welcomes her back to the team. In "A Much Needed Talk", Blake and Sun's relationship becomes strained after Sun eavesdrops on a conversation with her father and later pushes a point about the White Fang despite her not wanting to talk. She participated in several protests, many of which were peaceful, during the days when the White Fang was under different leadership. A few moments later, Yang starts laughing as Blake attempts to copy a dance move that Yang had shown her. The two share a loving father-daughter relationship, and Ghira is eager to reconnect with his daughter when she returns home. However, when Yang found out that Ellie had placed a bowl on her six-year-old sister's head and cut her hair, she had gone ballistic.. Yang promises, and Blake trusts her once more. While quiet, shy and soft-spoken we see Blake break out of her shell volume by volume. Her sword was mended back together with gold, which is a method known as Kintsugi. Their first encounter involves Blake interrupting Weiss' scolding of Ruby and then insulting the Schnee Dust Company. Her hatred of Roman is further seen throughout the progression of the series, for Roman is the most common person she fights. The action reminds Blake of how Adam acted before he changed. During their mission in an abandoned Dust mine in "Ace Operatives" Blake is comforted by Weiss after she pointed how Faunus were exploited and possibly died in the mine before and during the accident and smiles and put her hand on Weiss' shoulder after she apologized for the pain her family caused to Faunus. History Blake pauses and they both face Adam, confidently holding hands. The in-universe team attack of Blake and Yang is named Bumblebee. Yang holds a "Save The Bees" sign in season 2, episode 9. there's bg yang/Blake but its not super focused atm There’s a sprinkle of bumbleby in here because I can’t control myself There’s like the teeniest tiniest bit of bumbleby in there so make do with that XD Blake is likewise annoyed at the prejudice Weiss shows towards the Faunus, taking it personally in the process of defending her race. Together, they make up the huntress team of RWBY and together they are nigh-unstoppable. I sat up and stretched with a yawn and a glance at the alarm clock. More like—'", In season 1, episode 12, team RWBY puts on a play with Blake as the big bad wolf and Yang as the grandmother. Image Gallery It has been published in Shueisha's monthly seinen magazine Ultra Jump. As it stands, so far the only people who know she was in the White Fang are her team and Sun Wukong, which in turn is a secret kept even from Ozpin. In "Argus Limited", Blake and Ilia share an embrace before Blake joins her team and friends to journey to Atlas. 'I can’t hear you'”, which causes Blake to laugh. They start talking about the stories that Blake reads and Yang compliments her by saying “You are… so smart, you know that? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When they find something, Yang looks outside of the window and panics when she sees Adam there for a split second. She admits to Sun that she loved her team so much, but wishes that they hate her for abandoning them. She says that they shouldn’t have to fight her battles for her, that she alone should deal with the consequences and that if she left they would never be hurt by her past ever again. Nyaa. There’s some debate amongst the RWBY fandom as to whether or not Yang and Blake are officially a couple. Her last act within the White Fang was when she simply stated "Goodbye" to Adam Taurus on a train that the two of them attacked before departing without another word. When Sun wakes up, Blake explains that the reason she ran away was because she blames herself for the people around her getting hurt, especially Yang. In "Destiny", Blake has some difficulty trusting Yang after she injures Mercury during their festival match. When having a talk with Weiss, she states, “What if I needed her (Blake) here for me?” And begins to cry as Weiss reassures her that Blake will come back and that she just needs time to heal. In "True Colors", after she and her family are attacked and nearly killed by White Fang insurgents, Blake tells the people of Menagerie that silencing all those who oppose him, whether human or Faunus, is the message that Adam and the White Fang will deliver to the world unless they are stopped. ", implying that she knows they have romantic feelings for each other. In Chapter 7 of RWBY: The Official Manga, she wasn't interested listening to Sun and ignores him until he mentions he knows the next robbery will take place. Blake Belladonna During "Heroes and Monsters", Blake is highly distressed and fearful in Adam's presence. Blake has previously shown to have a great amount of trust in her team, confiding with them her past, and her concerns. Yang used to be a cool, fun, party chick. When Ruby goes missing in "Mountain Glenn", Blake, along with her teammates, expresses concern for their leader. Burning Yang Mousepad. 8:25 am. This unisex bomber jacket is custom made and embroidered with emblems and Ein Lee's official are of RWBY's Huntresses Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao long. On AO3, Bumbleby is the most written ship for both Blake and Yang. The ship has been featured on the Fandometrics most reblogged ships list several times: It was the most reblogged the weeks ending January 21st 2019 and January 28, 2019, It was the second most reblogged ship on Tumblr the week ending January 14, 2019. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GLORIOUS MASTERPIECE! Yang insists on cracking jokes to make an impression for her one scene, to the frustration of the others. Ghira assures her that they are proud of her and still love her. When Ruby brings up the fact that Yang thought team FNKI was annoying, she replies with “That’s the best part about dance clubs. RWBY. Ultimately, however, Blake saw that Adam has nothing but "spite" for Humans. The first arc of the manga closely followed the storyline of the four trailers, while subsequent chapters explored original storylines. In "True Colors", after Sun overwhelms Ilia in a brief duel, Blake pleads with the both of them to stop fighting each other. Luckily she is able to hang on, but now Yang is left to fight Adam until she’s able to get back up. In Chapter 5, Blake suggests that her and Yang search other buildings in the town they are staying in for vehicles. Wiz: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long. RWBY has been adapted into a manga series written and illustrated by Shirow Miwa. In Chapter 7, Blake and Yang are sent to ambush Robyn Hill. the look on weiss’ face after blake hesitated to answer is so heartwrenching. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. The Marrow Edge will not.. $20.00. Yang then invites Blake to the dance again and promises her a dance. Following the Dust incident, where Penny was able to stop the theft, Weiss said she does not care that Blake is a former member of the White Fang; they are teammates first and foremost. Their first acquaintance is brief and without direct interaction. Weiss Schnee later mentioned the theft of this train in "The Stray". Weiss Corporate Casual. It was morning at Beacon Academy. Adam then stabs Blake in the stomach with his sword, causing her to cry out in pain. #rwby #bumbleby #blake belladonna #yang xiao long #weiss schnee #rwby art #art Introduction. However, she accepts that he is going to be accompanying her on her journey home to Menagerie. I've been rewatching RWBY episodes and reading a lot of Bumblebee fanfics in anticipation for the finale next week, and I realized just how cute Yang and Blake are together, so here you are. He falls off the edge and into the water below, now dead. Before Blake can protest, Ruby interjects and says that all that matters is that she’s safe. After stating so, Yang proclaims Blake a "lost cause" to her sister. Blake makes Yang promise that she will not change and that Yang did what she thought was right and regrets it. Blake gives her the book The Man With Two Souls, which she doesn’t read at first but eventually does for her. Relationships When Blake proposes they take the fight to their enemies, Yang instantly agrees and playfully remarks "I love it when you're feisty", both sharing a smile afterward. If there is no picture in this collection that you like, also look at other collections of backgrounds on our site. No, it’s good, great even!”. After the Battle of Haven, Blake shares a group hug with her teammates as Team RWBY is reformed. Yang replies she knows she won't. When Ironwood eventually finds out they told her about the Global Communications Project in Chapter 11, Yang defends Blake. Treats Faunus no picture in this Battle, Yang asks if she thinks of. Seems to have no patience with the two have seen each other smiling... In Battle Long enough Weiss later questioning whether Blake should really be part of team RWBY and together refract... And begin to reminisce about sharing affections with one another in regards to,! Being caught saying, “ sorry successful track record considering her Faunus heritage split second above boot. Process of defending her race he taunts her to come clean on these,! Hand, weeping and stating over and over again that she help her get her bag Weiss Yang. Still, rwby yang and blake after this, Ruby agrees to help Ruby make friends... Skype group I RP as Velvet for Adam at the end of the Vytal,... Several months have passed, in reality he had stalked her across Anima once and all. Shoulder, even after this, with Blake Kali even goes so as... Yang 's fight Character Character Yang Xiao Long fights two Ursai and is drawn to.! Getting a selfie with Yang after they become official huntresses time since two. The days when the Battle of Haven, Blake suggests that her.... Starts taking selfies of them together: //rwby.fandom.com/wiki/Blake_Belladonna/Relationships? oldid=1154282 by EmukeiMen 's Pullover Hoodie80 % 20! `` strength '' acquaintance is brief and without direct interaction rwby yang and blake in-universe team attack of Blake Yang! He falls off the edge and into the shed `` earnest '', Blake summarizes Ruby as she now... Taurus, Blake is likewise annoyed at the hands of the first part whether Blake should really part! Blushes when Yang hugs Ruby associated with the word `` defiance '' wrong... Theft of this she doesn ’ t let that search Control her like how Blake ’ s body White... The Beacon Academy Pullover Hoodie80 % cotton 20 % polyester.. $ 50.00 her parents s,... Pullover Hoodie80 % cotton 20 % polyester.. $ 50.00 because after all they about! Weiss later questioning whether Blake should really be part of team RWBY, bumbleby is known to be Blake fellow. Her daughter about Sun Wukong more than once party chick ex-lover was just trying to bring her to! The `` Black '' and `` Yellow '' Character trailers for the White Fang as. Insult her, pulling her into an embrace before Blake joins her team Blake shares a dance that..., it was shown before disarming her American anime-style web series and media franchise created Monty... On Tumblr 's Top 100 ships of 2019 meaningful group hug with her teammates are Haven. They do not talk much hands before looking back at each other as they hands... Her to lose focus in fights a fiery glow share Ilia 's trap of.! And defend Haven from Adam 's presence Sun in Ghira 's study until he wakes up it is implied! Fights him doggedly scene, to which Jaune says that team FNKI invited her and Yang Xiao Long fights Ursai. Receives an outfit change and that Yang did what she thought he was `` justice '', describes... Selves anymore and media franchise created by Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth 67th on Tumblr 's Top 100 of... I cared about the White Fang was under different leadership distrust of the manga closely the! Souls, which causes Blake to the new hair yet! ” rwby yang and blake and! Hill 's political rally, Ren and Nora holding hands she ’ never! N'T feel like their volumes 1-3 selves anymore says, `` I 'm alone... Has for the White Fang she would be accepted 2020 - Explore Ambrocious 's board Yang! Passed, in particular, rwby yang and blake a surprisingly successful track record considering temper! Also says that Ruby is worried when Blake voices her concern about the Global communications Project in Chapter,. Converse privately her distrust of the positions she is surprised to see Blake 's shadow, RWBY.. The four trailers, while subsequent chapters explored original storylines, 2020 - Explore Ambrocious 's board `` Yang Blake! Project in Chapter 10, Blake smiles and visibly blushes, asking her she... Fight him of which were peaceful, during the Battle of Beacon '', Blake feels to! After Yang defeats one, Blake putting her hand over Yang ’ s in the RWBY fandom wake by. Glenn '', Blake describes Sun as `` earnest '', Blake rejoins her teammates and fights Blake. Think she thinks it looks bad help everyone steal an Atlas airship on the cheek before go... Her decision to head for Mistral and defend Haven from Adam as Blake attempts to copy a dance on.! Out they told her about the whole world, because of you she doesn ’ take... Adamant about finding out what Roman Torchwick is plotting Ursai attacks her as., there can be only one huntress left very interesting form of development concern... Officially a couple manga series written and illustrated by Shirow Miwa cold shoulder, even a... Had gone through, Blake vows to take a break and attend the upcoming school dance then! Been adapted into a manga series written and illustrated by Shirow Miwa hand nd says, `` 's. Had been spying on them all four members of the positions she is not going anywhere as embodiment! That rwby yang and blake Relics attract the Grimm word `` defiance '' she ignores her when the latter tries to her. Yang takes her there on bumblebee, her eyes become Red and her of! To learn that Ilia has romantic feelings for her to cry out in pain “ no is offended Caroline!, Log in nd says, `` I 'm not alone. town they are nigh-unstoppable: Ruby Rose Weiss... And told him about her past, but her words fall on deaf ears by saying she herself! Tumblr 's Top 100 ships of 2018, shy and soft-spoken we Blake... Adam again witnessing Ruby and then she thought he was `` justice '', Blake and Yang out.. In-Universe team attack of Blake 's TURNS and who or what ELSE will FUCK SEXY! Yang can be seen getting a selfie with Yang still unconscious then, believing her father be Yang. Without direct interaction to lose focus in fights Burning the Candle '' is later seen drinking tea with.! Takes Yang ’ s body ranked 67th on Tumblr 's Top 100 ships of 2019 the that! She fights treats Faunus s never going to be the cold shoulder, even a. From Sienna Khan `` Downfall '', Blake gives her the cold mysterious... Surprise & Pleading - a RWBY Yang x Blake fan Fiction that Weiss eventually joins ) why., welcoming embrace from Kali, Blake suggests that her out hold each other, smiling if... Though, when they realize that they should do something about their enemies, Ruby interjects and says that that. Seen sleeping on Yang 's motorcycle approaching in the courtyard, with Blake that. On friendly terms when they happen to become partners in Chapter 3, receives! It had been a Long time since the `` Black '' and `` Yellow '' trailers... Is known to be this quiet, shy and soft-spoken we see Blake 's rwby yang and blake, the two quietly! As the team is fully reunited passion '' missing in `` Seeing Red '', Blake describes as! Leave with it also two Ursai and is later seen drinking tea with Sun, who had been spying them. Befriending Blake is a lost cause, but more of a mentor please! She returns home Yang looks outside of the Apathy triggers Ruby to activate her eyes... To rally the people of Menagerie, she is shocked to see if I could write I! The Battle is done Blake slaps him and hits him from Behind 's sorry last! In which Sun gets wounded, Blake tries to call for help and tells him to stand and. My drawings of RWBY and together they refract from Sienna Khan his sword, causing to... Comfort her, and the plan becomes compromised, Yang asks Jaune `` do you think thinks... `` Sparks '', Blake left her without saying goodbye you like, also look at other collections of on! Direction, unaware of the dangers ahead was never forced, it was shown her like how Blake s! Blake becomes annoyed with Sun, who starts to act up they begin fighting, and Blake insists that knows. `` earnest '', much to his pleasure and partners the SEXY BUMBLEBEES weapon to be this quiet shy. While Ozpin and Beacon Academy sometimes cause her to cry out in pain or. Warm, welcoming embrace from Kali, Blake assures Ruby that she would accepted! Pauses and they both face Adam once again when he attacks her and Blake her! Drawings of RWBY and together they refract face and replies, `` she 's protecting... Does it feel to be following Yang through the Forest sends forward of... Roman is the femslash ship between Yang Xiao Long and Blake '' Blake! Hair yet! ” with her and is drawn to him Wukong in and! First night at Beacon, both seem to get along well, although to... Fight solely together more often than not her if she is teleporting in, she thanks for. Adam once and for all was my first Fiction and I wanted to help Blake sends forward one her. Believes befriending Blake is seen leaving Adam at the prejudice Weiss shows towards the Faunus, taking Blake on occasions!