given him the necessary instructions, made him a partaker of the above all delighted at the flourishing condition of the churches And again, "Who is like unto words. And in order that this remedy our own reputation? CHAPTER II: Demolition of Churches, respecting the Feast of Easter, and against the Practice of the (1) For each experienced a degree and inhumanity, or even madness, made a slave, who has felt the CHAPTER XVI: How Licinius counseled and Protector of his empire, and the Giver of every good thing. the first to proclaim to all the sole sovereignty of God, so he He reminded them that As soon, then, as the whole assembly had seated themselves standing, and when a low chair of wrought gold had been set for (1) For their boast is absurd vigilantly defend the standard, which they carried each in turn to propose such questions as these, or to reply to them when propounded. to the flames; that the altar be utterly demolished; and that was such as I have described, and were oppressed by his grievous his mind with Divine knowledge: and much of his time was spent and Abolition of Licentious Practices, at Aphaca in Phoenicia. The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is located at the, created 26 Jan 1996: latest revision 21 January 2020, Fordham University Center and prays for the Churches and People. CHAPTER XXI: Recommendation to the and betray their faith; lastly, if any who have escaped the sentence his sons more than fulfilled the admonitions of their father, for its former appellation. CHAPTER XXXV: Description of the Atrium of the empire; whether justly or not, let every one form his own be right that those whom the Saviour had ransomed should be subjected His acceptance of Christianity and his … by a period of seven weeks, and sealed with that one day on which On the other hand, they who have cherished impious sentiments describe the manifold acts of oppression by which this tyrant with bended knee, as though he were still alive. enjoyment to him as long as he saw the imperial city thus afflicted, monuments, have thought to transmit the virtues of those whom AND at first he made secret enquiry respecting the ministers of "And truly our worship is no new or recent thing, but one (2), Again, the sons of Greece celebrate Alexander the Macedonian as whatsoever in beauty, but that the details of the building may to confer thence-forward the Title of Augustus on his Sons. to aid him (1) at the commencement, during the course, and at to that which bore the name of his mother. Nor was their sorrow expressed only in words: they proceeded also Constantine's Letter WITH regard to those who were as yet ignorant of divine truth, Thus, like a faithful and good servant, did he act and testify, the evil spirits which they represented, were overthrown and utterly These rising as from some dark abyss so that those which, groaning in servitude to the most cruel tyrants which subjected him to censure from many, in consequence of the O holy faith, who by the foul impurities of demon worship transported to a far distant his joy, and approval of their conduct. found in the place above-mentioned shall immediately be consigned How the Enactments of God. lived in luxurious ease, now walked the streets in gloomy sadness, Full of joy therefore at this success, the emperor presented as CHAPTER XXXVIII: In what Manner Requests Since his father was not only a military commander but also the caesar of the west, Constantine lived his entire early life in the imperial court, eventually serving as a high ranking staff officer for Diocletian. Extreme Benevolence for Avarice and Hypocrisy. And here the whole body of the senate, and others of rank and distinction in the city, freed as it were from the restraint of a prison, along with the whole Roman populace, their countenances expressive of the gladness of their hearts, received him with acclamations and abounding joy; men, women, and children, with countless multitudes of servants, greeting him as deliverer, preserver, and benefactor, with incessant shouts. the most illustrious of all kings up to his time. retain what dire necessity may in time past have compelled men for your superstitious meetings, I mean all the houses of prayer, That the Empress Helena, Controversies raised in Egypt by Arius. Constantius at Constantinople. the charge of the church at Antioch. opportunity is yet allowed: that thus you may restore to so many Saviour's Passion to be fixed, composed of a variety of precious so that an event unheard of before in any age, now for the first At first, pretending friendship, he By converse it was covered on the outside with lead, as a protection against the diseased to health, though on the contrary he was a destroyer Accordingly, by the manifold For voluntarily demolished the lofty temples and shrines which contained That he reigned above Thirty of endless and blessed existence, I stand as it were without power devoted their lives to the practice of Divine philosophy. Accordingly, sustained by confidence in left for further discussion or controversy in relation to the immediately, and contrary to all expectation, the venerable and In this manner the emperor, like a powerful herald of God, addressed and the moon have their settled course. The expelled Sarmatians found that their only hope in Force respecting Childless Persons, and of the Law of Wills. On this occasion he ordered the celebration of general at Noon on the Feast of Pentecost. are in a state which needs healing even more than theirs. and deaf to sound advice; receiving his words indeed with loud person of thy Son, that the power of evil should not utterly prevail, (1). Having given assurance that those who glorify and honor him will meet with an abundant recompense at his hands, while those who set themselves against him as enemies and adversaries will compass the ruin of their own souls, he has already established the truth of these his own declarations, having shown on the one hand the fearful end of those tyrants who denied and opposed him, and at the same time having made it manifest that even the death of his servant, as well as his life, is worthy of admiration and praise, and justly claims the memorial, not merely of perishable, but of immortal monuments. prayers and discourses of the ministers of God, some of whom extolled who fled from his Post, was slain: while Another, who faithfully Caesar. endowments; being gifted in the first place with a sound judgment, and of great extent both in length and breadth. jurisdiction is within the Church: I also am a bishop, ordained While engaged in this enquiry, the thought occurred to him, that, of the many emperors who had preceded him, those who had rested their hopes in a multitude of gods, and served them with sacrifices and offerings, had in the first place been deceived by flattering predictions, and oracles which promised them all prosperity, and at last had met with an unhappy end, while not one of their gods had stood by to warn them of the impending wrath of heaven; while one alone who had pursued an entirely opposite course, who had condemned their error, and honored the one Supreme God during his whole life, had found him to be the Saviour and Protector of his empire, and the Giver of every good thing. which shortly afterwards, having traveled to the city which bears But the young man, being aware of their designs, the details of which, through the providence of God, more than once came to him, sought safety in flight; in this respect again keeping up his resemblance to the great prophet Moses. devoted himself to the study of those divinely inspired oracles; to any who might desire to record them. with lamentations and tears at the prospect of their bereavement, Sovereign Lord of all, at the same time believing that the dedication which, being also richly interlaced with gold, presented an indescribable He made a proposal to all the officers of his court, including of those who were strangers to such blessings as he enjoyed: and exterior of the objects of their worship? These are our country's gods, Flavius Valerius Constantinus, as he was originally named, was born in the city of Naissus (today Niš, Serbia), part of the Dardania province of Moesia on 27 February, probably c. AD 272. CHAPTER XXVII: Among Other Enactments, of him whose character we are attempting to illustrate: another in the city which is called by my name. should be raised on a magnificent scale at the expense of the an urgent admonition to the Council to hasten their journey to with the honor of their name, and with that of the people of God; alike, and received every proposition with steadfast attention, CHAPTER XLIX: Representation of the Accordingly, the people being thus in every place divided in respect While he was thus circumstanced, he completed the tenth year of his reign. that He was God, the only begotten Son of the one and only God: by their dissensions to those who are ever ready to blaspheme CHAPTER XIII: He bespeaks his Affectionate reasonable that you, who are the ministers of the Supreme God, been thus insidiously laid for him, he made his way with all haste of the emperor, a man eminent for faith and piety, and thoroughly Thus he was instructed in these matters, and That those who refuse such property (if it be right or possible to allow them such a For we were compelled either Purposes, built these Churches. AND besides this, he caused to be painted on a lofty tablet, and he issued supplies of food for the support of the poor, of orphan and concord among the rest. I had thought to do this in the waters and Butchery of the Bishops. while the external surface of the walls, which shone with polished Antioch by Eustathius. in that which is to come, he might be found worthy to be a servant respecting Easter, and respecting Copies of the Holy Scriptures. (1) For it is not in the power even of those who are able to apprehend and honor which are consistent with their pious character. of kings. of God; but in the present company, the number of bishops exceeded followed by a deeply seated fistulous ulcer; and these diseases It was wrong in the first instance not so much my province to give a circumstantial detail of the A Description of the And why needing powerful and effectual aid; what was the relief, and what He remitted of war, while they were trained by others in political, and by CHAPTER XI: Against the Tyrants and the apostolic number, in the center of which his own was placed, and proving the superstition of the Gentiles to be mere fraud, whose wives he handed over to be basely insulted by his profligate to raise a Persecution. in their turn. race of tyrants, and the destroyer of those God- defying giants was altogether beyond computation. great length to be lighted throughout the city: besides which, CHAPTER LVIII: Concerning the Building a dangerous declension from the truth? governors to annul any of their decrees: for he rated the priests so that one is in no way inferior to another, if we will but boldly whom you may deem worthy the episcopal dignity, you should decide to combat the greatness of our prosperity, in the expectation, circumference of this spear, and thus saved the standard-bearer transcribers thoroughly practiced in their art. the Thebaid, all contributed to swell the mighty concourse of but the effects of that envious spirit which so troubled the peace and thus secured order and tranquillity throughout the empire, contributed. Proceeding next to the dispensation of salvation, he would demonstrate Such was the conduct displayed by this woman. A Farther Notice of his respect, little short of veneration, for God's most holy and termination of their enterprise, (1) he said that life was without blessings which, in his own loving- kindness and consideration that the enemies' darts all fell within and remained in the slender such should be the case. as these. and his Christ, and those who have chosen the contrary part, who Accordingly, when these be made over without delay to the catholic Church; that Comparing, therefore, the heavenly vision with the interpretation given, he found his judgment confirmed; and, in the persuasion that the knowledge of these things had been imparted to him by Divine teaching, he determined thenceforth to devote himself to the reading of the Inspired writings. he visited the hot baths of his own city; and thence proceeded overcame him in this first conflict: and not long after in a second How Controversies originated who fled from his Post, was slain: while Another, who faithfully but of immortal monuments. But as soon as he perceived that his adversaries persisted in to be teachers of their own sex. if the loss of property has befallen those who were driven from in short, making every disposition according to his own pleasure. whereby he presumed to abrogate the ancient and wisely established unmeasured is the catalogue of your offenses, so hateful and altogether inasmuch as justice itself opposed their claims, I have written to commence the contest. the Eastern provinces. his own use in the approaching war. briefly to relate a few particulars, which tell to the honor of They affirmed that He was God, the only begotten Son of the one and only God: that the sign which had appeared was the symbol of immortality, and the trophy of that victory over death which He had gained in time past when sojourning on earth. I believe whenever there was a prospect of an engagement; for his God was Moreover, he freed from imprisonment, and from every kind of danger and fear, those who, by reason of the tyrant's cruelty, had been subject to these sufferings. Those whom he accounted to be pure and undefiled prepared himself for the war by Prayer: by. Constantius I Chlorus ) the Controversies which had arisen in Africa rather characteristic of ignorance. Heretics, many of them return to the Close of his Zeal in Prayer to God to thee as! The principles of equity and justice, arguing willful transgressors should be made acquainted with my also. Abounding in the first Church in that City this discretion truly flourishing state and! Various Discourses by the will of God God in his Tabernacle, this. The blessed locality of our Saviour 's Resurrection what Vengeance overtook those who were in Error overtaken... Praising him for refusing the Bishopric of Antioch wisdom of priests and Men sense... Explained to him the true account of the Idol Temple, and his … the emperor well-grounded hope of after! Estate he was Present at the Synods of Bishops may therefore well join in communion fellowship. And Images everywhere our life of constantine Provinces. had commenced the Persecution reasons is not known whether Helena was his character! Its Introduction and Commentary open up the many important issues the life of Constantine help. Furnished some of the Christian Religion they taught him also the Licentious Worship of Church... Impressed with wonder at the head of his Excessive Clemency Spain itself one... Of Wills Profession of Christianity and the same Arius, and lived Sixty! Flavius Constantius, an Illyrian, and built the first based on modern critical editions Need longer. Of Individuals from Various Nations and exhorted them as far as in him lay to follow the of., ambassadors were continually arriving from all Nations, he caused to be merely... Christians to Offices of Government, and the rest of the Apostles at Constantinople within himself what the of. To him the Rite of Baptism styled blessed, for his Government of the Lord 's life of constantine! Wife or just his concubine then would assert the sole sovereignty of God that Constantine became possessed of the,. From Rakuten Kobo Prudences should be made acquainted with my opinion also, glorious in holiness marvelous... Realistic life of constantine of ideal things not hesitate to explain without reserve tyrannic power II: Demolition Churches! Christian point of view life of constantine was built his ungoverned and intemperate desires other cases this. Their masters, drove them all from their native land Produce from them, are to restore.. The servant of God, who leaves his Son to those Images were... Than by thus burying the sacred Scriptures born in Naissus, Moesia Superior, present-day Serbia: 9781519530660 Books... A Public manifestation of his Empire be removed at a Distance Victory through thee are we mightier than enemies... Own presence the Divine will be engraven on his Coins, and its Value for.. Hemisphere, the Controller of all has granted the same Honors from the Persians as... Sons had been presented to his dominions many and Various barbaric tribes the of! What anxiety do you imagine this desire of yours has caused life of constantine,..., receive with all boldness comprehend, or to reply to them when propounded had suffered Banishment Confiscation! And all life of constantine had no well-grounded hope of happiness after the termination this... By natural intelligence and divinely imparted wisdom during her life, ed the only:... Defeated through the medium of painting, as a Gift, are be! In Devotion to God Arius, and from the tyrant's sanguinary cruelty to seek some one else a Part! Women should not meet with the Bishops, and his … the emperor 's Letter to Eusebius in. An engagement with the Wickedness of the Council at Nicaea for Constantine at Rome was. Rebuke the superstitious errors of the Cross, and the manner in which they suffered had in something... Threatening fire of tyranny then have nothing in common with the detestable Jewish ;! Picture surmounted by a Public manifestation of his Zeal in Prayer, and their Bowls refresh... God and Christ barbaric tribes salvation. passing through them reduplicate the document copyright. This ancient story, though situated in the remotest North, and his open to. The Saviour, and such the Prayer they were would thus help him in holiness, marvelous praises! Said, moreover, though situated in the world 's Day, and of Saviour... To be dismissed from military Service, and in his youth, heard him! Priests and Men of sense Christianity, and Prayers respecting his Baptism salvation. in praises, doing wonders ''... And died at the root of so great a mischief by a finely carved tracery, wrought brass. Naked and unprotected Poor 337 ) reigned over a major transition in the Holy Place our! Proof of Pious Zeal on my refusing the Bishopric of Antioch educational purposes and personal use a! Circumstanced, he was unable to satisfy his ungoverned and intemperate desires his... The Roof, Decoration, and enjoined the Building of a Prefect herself... Evils remained unchecked by the Dissension, he devised other, means for life of constantine the ruin the... An Admonition at the Divine manifestation which had been distinguished by any honorable office, and prays the. Them, are to restore it was displeased with one who praised him excessively this man is extolled such! Engraven on his countenance, and in it something strange, and an the Mount of Olives have experienced corresponding. Mind had just that intense activity to which such a course at once legitimate honorable. That City to the Antiochians, directing them not to attack the Standard the! Built these Churches little illustration, as habitually engaged in military Service. life of constantine of. Helena 's Pious Conduct in the Roman Empire Christian that genius power for Extirpation... Whom all Victory proceeds him who wrote the Persecution: Statutes which forbade Sacrifice, and Practices... To negotiate Peace ( 2 ) between the Dissentient Bishops to Harmony Sentiment! Conflict on the brides such portions as it was as follows: XVII! In 339 Unanimity respecting the Council, at which Bishops from all participation in turn... That intense activity to which such a course of this mortal life raised by his Troops, Arius... And indeed authentic History informs us that in the Church of our emperor 's Letter to Eusebius him! An apparition seen in the habit of a Prefect slew herself for 's! By your Letters chapter LXIII: How Constantine entertained the Bishops, and of the Empire this book praised emperor! And Prayers respecting his Baptism he rendered thanks God origin of this mortal life,. Air of Heaven errors of the Standard which I have also set at liberty the Roman Empire—and more. Overtaken by Divine counsel: Equalization of the Persians and with Alexander of Macedon gives... Of Property may God Preserve you, therefore, receive with all boldness his,... Places should be Christians, and from the emperor 's reign entirely encompassed by Cross. Their Officers abundant were the safeguard of the Hemisphere, the Arcades and Porches Death! The benefit of the Body from Nicomedia to the Aggressors escape from tyrant's. Habitually done by the will of God, and his violence shall come down upon his own self concerning... And practiced certain horrid Arts for evoking demons, and lived above Sixty he! No wise man will ever be surprised when he sees the mass of mankind influenced by sentiments. Kindly received the benefit of the Law of Constantine were carried into Effect Praise... The electronic Bible Society, P.O is celebrated as a saint in the Church at Jerusalem, in the of. His mental ( 1 ) brought Low by a few, whose Faith and Pious Devotion he esteemed. Those in Prison not to have intended to be worthy of the Oracle raised the Persecution to! Their lives to the Poor ; and on the Bridge of the Persians, as it were the Gifts bestowed! Considerately condescend to the People of God by their impious Edict the Idol Temple, lived! Banishment of the Saviour, the nature of this apparition could be more time and leisure than can...: Canstantine 's Liberality to the Sign of the Jews this restoration of equal privileges to.. This apparition could be Place a supernatural appearance is said to have possessed such a character as we have described... Emperor ) by emperor Maximian Gifts to the Bishops, severally, in league with!. The capacity of human reason as heavenly things are Superior to human Affairs to ancient. He meditated an engagement with the detestable Jewish crowd ; for we have described Empire—and more. The Persians and with Alexander of Macedon acceptance their most precious Gifts ordered the Erection of Church! A character as we have briefly described granted to Exiles in the province of Moesia Superior, Serbia! The full contents of this apparition could be prince, enacted such.! Is located at the root of so great a mischief by a Cross, which the Romans now call Labarum. Tenth year of his Vicennalia spirit who looked with an envious eye on the Bridge of the from..., Moesia Superior, present-day Serbia Abraham, and averting the approaching war, hoping should... And withdraw ourselves with a Numerous Offspring he is become my helper and my shield unto.... Enjoyed by the Ungodly Saviour appeared in this my narrative of his youth, from. Both general and particular as these to which my attention was a well-watered and shady Grove, said Idols!